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Summer Grilling Safety Tips


Warm weather has finally arrived! Finally, family and friends can come over and hang out for some backyard summer fun. It’s time to break out your grill and entertain!

Before you fire up your grill, we want to provide a few tips to help ensure a fun, safe grilling season.

  1. Only use your grill outside. Don’t be tempted to use it in your garage.
  2. Do not Grill on your covered porch. Similar to gilling in your garage, a covered porch is oftentimes constructed with flammable materials. 
  3. Do not use your grill too close to your home. Your grill will average a temperature of 300-350 Degrees. With temperatures this high, you can unintentionally melt your siding or accidentally set your home on fire.
  4. Clean your grill to ensure grease or old food remnants have been removed.
  5. Just in case your grilling session gets out of control and a fire does occur, having a fire extinguisher close by will minimize damage.

The sad reality is cooking fires are not exclusive to your kitchen. This grilling season, be sure to take precautions to minimize the potential for experiencing a cooking fire. Be safe and have a fun, enjoyable grilling season. 

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