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New Year’s resolutions for the New Year!

New Year Checklist

After the past two years, most of us are ready for change. This is the time of year when we seriously evaluate each of our different goals; personal, charitable, professional, and financial.

For many, our financial goals are top of the list. In spite of this, it is far too common that people overlook insurance as a tool to shift a portion of your financial risk to the insurance company. Let’s look at some common questions about insurance.

  1. Auto Insurance
    • How much coverage do I need?
    • What are the policies limits of liability?
    • What about uninsured motorist’s coverage?
    • Does the policy include medical payments coverage?
    • Does it come with roadside assistance?
  1. Home Insurance and Renters Insurance
    • Does the policy cover loss of use as well?
    • What if your home is under repair? Will your policy cover the extra costs during this time?
    • Will your policy have liability coverage as well as med pay to others?
  1. Life Insurance
    • What would happen to your family if you’re no longer here?
    • Do you have a policy to protect your family?
    • Are you carrying the necessary coverage your family will need?

By now I think you get the idea. Having the wrong coverage, or no coverage, can be a costly financial mistake. Insurance exists for the very purpose of shifting your exposure to the insurance company. Make sure you take full advance of those opportunities.

Take time this New Year to learn how you can make your insurance work for you!

David Keller is co-founder and CEO of Keller National
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