What Should You Do in the Event of a Claim?

– By David Keller

Insurance is a mechanism that is designed to protect the assets of the consumer in the event that they suffer financial hardship as a result from bodily injury or property damage. We buy insurance with hopes that we never have to use it. But what should you do in the event that you have a claim?

If you are involved in an auto accident, immediately notify the local police department. Then, contact your agent or the company providing the insurance coverage to explain the situation that you are in. If possible, take pictures of the vehicles involved. Have your policy number on hand so the representative can review your coverage and schedule a time to meet with you.

Likewise, if your home or your car is damaged, if possible, immediately take pictures of the damaged property. Then contact your agent and explain to them the situation that caused the damage. If a theft occurs, contact your local police department prior to contacting your agent.

Talk with your agent to ensure that you are properly protected. It is important to understand what your policy covers and what your policy excludes. It is our mission at Keller National to proactively control your insurance program to minimize your exposure to coverage gaps.

Keller National customers should contact our offices directly. Also, claims can be reported directly through our web site.

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