What is a Proactive Business Insurance Program and how your Business can Benefit from One

Proactive Business Insurance PlanBy: David Keller, CPIA


Businesses are forever evolving with the changing economic times. Some businesses adapt and are profitable, some scale back to accommodate their revenue and cash flows. Ultimately, your business is constantly evolving with this economic roller-coaster ride.

We buy insurance to protect us from the unexpected threat of financial hardship that is caused by a specific disaster or event.  We pay our premiums with hopes that we are fully protected from the threats of the outside world. But, do you know if your business is properly underwritten? Are you truly protected?

Keller National has a step by step process to help businesses uncover issues and exposures within their organization. Our agents walk clients through this process at specified dates and times throughout the policy period. This allows business owners to understand what they are covered for and what they are self-insured for. The process ensures that your insurance policies and your proactive service plan evolve with the evolution of your business.

Talk with a Keller National agent today to find out how a proactive process can benefit your business. Give us a call at 216-965-0646 or simply, Contact Us for more information.


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