The Polar Vortex: Tips to Stay Warm

We are experiencing dangerous frigid weather across the country from this  winter snow storm called a polar vortex. Here are a few tips to minimize your exposure to frost bite.

  1. STAY INSIDE – Staying inside and avoiding the elements is the ideal, but may not be possible.
  2. Layers, Layers, and Layers – if you have to go out, it is important to wear layers. This will minimize the amount of heat that escapes your body.
  3. Minimize the amount of time you spend outside. This is critical. The longer you stay outside, you increase your chances of getting frost bite.
  4. Drive Safely – There is black ice all over the roads. It is important to drive slow and leave plenty of room between you vehicle and the vehicles around you.

The point is, do what ever it takes to stay safe today.

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