Technology Professionals ave an ever evolving exposure to risk. As your operation gets more sophisticated, your insurance program must evolve as well. It is our job to work with your organization to uncover your exposures and develop a program that minimizes your risk.

  • Proactive Process
    •  Insurance issues are best resolved before a claim or problem arises. Keller National is committed to providing proactive policy reviews to all of its clients. Whether we do this quarterly, semi-annual or annually the process is tailored to meet the needs of each individual client or firm. This process helps catch coverage gaps before they develop and to keep informed about the direction of your business.
  • Navigating the Modern World
    • Insurance is not a static product. Policies change over the years and new risks emerge. Keller National embraces changes in the landscape of risk management and stay current on emerging risks.

Keller National has Specialized Programs For:

  1. Computer Programers
  2. Computer and Technology Consultants
  3. Computer Repair Operations
  4. Software and Application Developers
  5. Software Distributors
  6. Technology Research and Development
  7. Web Site Developers
  8. And Many More

Important Coverage to Consider:

  1. Professional Liability
  2. Electronic Data Protection
  3. Business Income and Extra Expense
  4. Products Recall
  5. Cyber Liability