Keller National understands that as legal professionals you are committed to your clients but they might not always return the favor. Protecting your firm in the case of a law suit is essential to your financial security.

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The Keller National Difference

  • Proactive Process
    •  Insurance issues are best resolved before a claim or problem arises. Keller National is committed to providing proactive policy reviews to all of its clients. Whether we do this quarterly, semi-annual or annually the process is tailored to meet the needs of each individual client or firm. This process helps catch coverage gaps before they develop and to keep informed about the direction of your business.


  • Navigating the Modern World
    • Insurance is not a static product. Policies change over the years and new risks emerge. Keller National embraces changes in the landscape of risk management and stay current on emerging risks.


Coverage Highlights

Keller National has the capabilities to write firms from individual practices up to fifty or more attorneys.

Some specialized coverage options we can offer through our carriers are:


  • Network and information security offense coverage
    • As business continues to expand into the internet, so does the threat of network and security exposures. We recognize this threat and provide coverage to protect your firm in the event of security breach.


  • Expanded professional services coverage
    • In the modern legal world it’s common to have responsibilities outside your traditional legal practice. We can offer coverage to provide protection for various services you provide including title agent, lobbyist, fiduciary, arbitrator or mediator. Coverage can also be made available for being the director or officer of a non-profit or publishing legal material.


  • Many Additional Policy Benefits Available
    • Including pure claims made coverage, modified settlement clause, deductible mediation credit, spousal and domestic partner liability coverage and crisis event coverage


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The coverage described on this page are for illustrative purposes only. Exact coverage and limits will vary by policy. Only the policy can give actual terms and conditions and may vary from state to state.