Renters Insurance

By: Ben Kraus

Insurance is not just for homeowners or auto owners. It’s also important for anyone who rents an apartment or house.  Renters insurance provides coverage for both your possessions and any liability issues that might arise during your rental period.  You can select whatever amount of coverage you need for your possessions and the deductible amount you desire.  This covers your property in case of theft or damage caused by other incidents like accidental fires.  You must also decide whether your renter’s policy will cover your possessions on a replacement cost basis or actual cash value basis. Replacement cost will cover the cost of replacing the item while actual cash value

The liability coverage ranges from $100,000 to $500,000. The liability portion of the policy provides protection in case someone has an accident or injury on the rented premises. For example if someone slips and falls and decides to sue, your renters insurance will provide protection. Med pay is also an additional coverage that can be selected on a renter’s insurance policy. Similar to med pay on car insurance policies it’s a no fault medical payment for small hospital bills.

It’s important to remember that your landlord’s insurance does not provide protection for your personal possessions and liability. Contact Keller National today at 216-965-0646 or simply, Request a Quote.



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