Non-Trucking and Bob-Tail Insurance Explained

By Ben Kraus

When an owner-operator leases on with a motor carrier, the motor carrier will typically carry the primary liability policy. This provides liability coverage for the owner-operator when he is working for the motor carrier.  However gaps can arise when an owner-operator is not on a job. This is where bob-tail or non-trucking insurance coverage comes into play. This type of policy covers the owner-operator when he is operating outside of his lease agreement with the motor carrier. These policies also can include physical damage for your truck and trailer.

Although you might see Non-Trucking and Bob-Tail used interchangeably there are some differences between the two. Bobtail liability coverage is protection for leased owner operators that provides insurance coverage when your truck is being operated without its trailer attached, whether or not you have been dispatched by your carrier. Non-trucking covers you when you are operating a truck for personal or non-business. Companies can have different terms so it’s important to find out if the coverage fits your situation.

Non-Trucking/Bob-Tail insurance typically cost much less than a primary liability.  If you’re an owner-operator interested in a bob-tail or non-trucking insurance quote please call us today at 216-965-0646 or email me at

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