Is your Business Protected? Understanding Business Income and Extra Expense

Business Income and Extra Expense

By: David Keller, CPIA


It’s Monday morning and you arrive at your office building. Late last night, there was a fire in the building’s entrance. You, your employees, and your customers are unable to get to your office. How will this affect your business?

A pipe on your building’s sprinkler system bursts and everything in your office is ruined. The disaster recovery specialists indicate that they can have your office cleaned, dried, and ready to go in no less than a month. Can you afford to pay your employees, your bills and any costs of setting up a temporary location while your location is being repaired?

Coverage is available to protect your business from these scenarios.

Business income provides coverage for any expenses that arise from a covered loss that cause your business operations to shut down.

Extra Expense covers the excess costs that your business incurs to continue operating while your location is being repaired or replaced (1). In essence, if your business is forced to relocate, extra expense will cover the costs of the move and any equipment rental that is necessary for your daily business operations.

We can eliminate this exposure from your business insurance program. Don’t wait for a disaster to cripple your operation to consider this protection. Talk with a Keller National agent today. We can be reached at 216-965-0646 or simply, Request a Quote









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