How will the Weather Losses of 2011 affect my Homeowners Insurance?

2011 was the year of destructive weather. Storms and tornadoes whipped through the Midwest annihilating anything and everything they came in contact with. Hurricane Irene devastated the coastline.  The destructive power of these storms was unprecedented.

How will this affect your 2012 homeowners insurance program? Insurance companies paid out billions of dollars to cover these catastrophic losses which in turn, left a serious dent in their reserves.  To replenish these reserves, consumers can expect their homeowners renewal premiums to increase.

At renewal, take the time to talk with an independent insurance agent. Independent insurance agents are not limited to the products of one insurance company. We can help alleviate the sticker shock that your current insurance program has presented to you. Give us a call at 216-965-0646 or simply, Request a Quote

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