How Much Insurance does the Federal Government Require Truckers to Carry

How much insurance does the Federal government require truckers to carry is a common question for us. The answer depends on the weight of your truck and the type of commodities being hauled. Here are the different coverage requirements for truckers:
If your truck weighs over 10,001 pounds and it carries non-hazardous commodities, the minimum amount of insurance required is $750,000.
If a truck weighs over 10,001 pounds and carries hazardous substances as defined by Federal law, the minimum required is $5,000,000.
For trucks that are less than 10,000 pounds and are carrying non-hazardous cargo, the minimum amount of insurance is $300,000.
Keep in mind that there might be other requirements that you will need to meet to work with certain brokers. Also bear in mind that these are the minimum limits required by law, depending on your situation it can be important to carry more insurance.
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