Contractors Checklist: Five Tips to Prepare You for the Building Season

The winter weather is on the verge of breaking and the building season will begin. Here are five items to verify prior to hitting the job site.

1. Verify your policies cover the line of work that you are in. Contractors general liability is rated your payroll for each line of work that you perform. It is important to schedule each line of work you perform on your policy to ensure coverage. If you plan on entering a new trade, contact your agent to verify coverage prior to performing the job.

2. Contact that local municipality to obtain a contractors registration kit. The kit will contain bonding and insurance requirements for that municipality. Some municipalities only require additional insured status on your insurance policy, but others will require that you purchase a license and permit bond with a specified penalty limit.

3. Ensure that all of your drivers are scheduled on your commercial auto policy.

4.Verify that all of your commercial vehicles and trailers are scheduled on your commercial auto policy.

5. Verify that you have adequate limits for inland marine coverage. Inland Marine coverage protects your tools and equipment. Be sure to schedule all high valued items on your policy. Blanket limits are also available to protect your miscellaneous items as well.

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