Better Safe Than Sorry. Why Everyone Should Consider Flood Insurance This Spring

The winter weather is passing and spring is knocking on our door. With this, the ice and snow of the winter begins to melt away and we begin to welcome the rain. Rivers and lakes begin to rise and sewer systems work overtime to remove the rain water. In the event that the water has nowhere to go and flows over the walls into your home, what will you do?

You can call your homeowners insurance provider only to learn that floods are not a covered peril. You can contact FEMA and hope for disaster assistance, which ultimately, must be paid back. Or, you can be prepared and purchase Flood Insurance.

You don’t need to be in a high risk flood zone to purchase flood insurance. Flood insurance is available in the low to moderate risk zones and is actually very affordable. Contact a Keller National agent today to discuss your exposure and find out how to protect yourself from the threat of a flood.

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